Frangos Nikolas

Our enterprise “NIKOLAS FRANGOS” started in 1987 as a family business mainly in designing, construction and sales of custom jewelry.

During our operations in this field our target always was to improve the quality of our product as well as to follow up with the new fashion and style which continuously changes year after year in our field and the clothing design, by visiting and observing the most famous and important shows and exhibitions having always a goal in advanced style and design.

Over the years our love and dedication in this business leaded us to an achievement of setting higher standards. We did train craftsmen and made them skillful artisans in order to meet the demands of our production for the satisfaction of our clients. Our enterprise proceeds with careful steps in obtaining higher quality and fair business practice, cooperation and good service to all our customers. With these criteria and many more we succeeded in the local market all over Greece and then in September of 2002 after investigating all matters concerned, we participated in the best exhibition in the world for custom jewelry “Bijorhca” in Paris, France, and thereafter we set out our exporting business to several countries and in a short period of time we had a considerable increase in sales of our products. The total number of our employees is twelve.

Our Sales Manager for global trade is my brother Panagiotis Frangos, who is bilingual (he speaks fluently in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German), very experienced and very capable in our field and he is assisted by two more persons with all means and facilities to support our export promotion- sales.

Our collection’s catalogue is also available in electronic form, in CD.
We have been equipped with a state of the art computer programmed to assist our business in every respect and prompt, easy communications.

We deal direct and have an excellent cooperation with world known firms such as Swarovski, where we have obtained the geniuses brand “Crystallised with Swarovski” sign which is given only to selected firms, companies, workshops.

We do deal and cooperate with several fashion magazines in Greece and abroad also with theatre, shows and television. In 2003 we started exporting sales to one of the most important department stores in Lyon, France, “Galleries Lafayette” and to other smaller cities and towns in France. In 2002 we participated to a competition in design and style and we were included as one of the famous and celebrated designers in the world. In January 2003, we received an award by the Institutes of Fine Arts at the International Exhibition “Eclat de mode” in Paris. In every participation in the International Exhibition in Paris, our location/ spot is at the Fashion Bar, where the most advanced and best quality – design jewellery are displayed. We also have significant experience with the Japanese and American market due to the increased sales.

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